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We love travel, food, wine and all good things. We are from Vancouver, BC, Canada but have recently sold everything and moved to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand where Grant has taken a position with Thai Aviation Services. Grant works 20 days on/10 days off so we will be able to take 10 day trips each month to explore all of Asia. As we love Asia and want to see it all, this really works out perfectly for us.


16 thoughts on “About us

  1. Little Nephew

    Hey There

    Have fun….miss you.


  2. Rudy

    the pictures are absolutely amazing! Thanks for thinking of me on the fiberglass front, i would love to have been there with you. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. travel safe

  3. Hi Wendy and Grant,

    Izzati here. It was nice and fun to have had dinner and met you tonight. Sure had a lot of fun jokes. πŸ™‚
    Visit my blog here at http://www.agogatlife.wordpress.com.

    We should surely meet up next time we are in Miri again.


  4. Rudy

    Hi pal, it looks like a beautiful place. I am sure you are excited to share it with Wendy. I have signed up to get notifications of you blog updates, which will make it easier for a working stiff to keep up to your world adventures. Have a great day.

  5. Hey you guys! Just stumbled upon your blog via Chris & Sandra’s blog! Hope you’re both well! I’m looking forward to following your adventures!

    • Hi Larissa! It’s been a while and we hope this note finds you well! We’re having a lot of fun! Heading back to Vancouver in 2 days for Grants next tour. Keep in touch.

      • Sounds like you ARE having a lot of fun!! Good for you guys! I wish I could convince Kerry to drop everything and go travel like you guys and the Treticks, but my helicopter guy doesn’t want to fly! Hahaha! That’s ok, we’re putting some miles on the motorhome in the meantime and seeing some sights around the US!
        Looking forward to keeping tabs on your adventures! Yippee!
        Have a safe journey home, Talk to you soon!

  6. Hi guys! We nominated you for the “very inspiring blogger award”! To see the rules you can go here:

    • Hi there. Sorry for not responding tho this. You caught us when we headed back to Canada and then we got busy and it just blew by us. Looks like we’ll be touring out of Nicaragua for a bit. We’re heading back to Canada for our next 6 weeks off (summer) and then back to Nicaragua for another work tour. The plan is then to check out Ecuador. Take care.

      • Wow! Amazing tours all around the world! If you happen to come to Italy, we will be waiting for you in Abruzzo with a glass of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo wine! πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  7. Geri Allan-Helmer

    Hello cousin!
    This is Geri from Winfield!
    My Mum is at our house until Tuesday morning…. What are you doing tomorrow, Monday?
    Kim & I were in Grand Forks on the August long weekend!
    Call us in the morning if you have time… We are about 3 hours from Grand Forks
    250 766 4504
    Or text me 250 212 4544
    Good night xo

    • Hi! Sorry to take so long to respond. We are back in Nicaragua already. I’m just trying to catch up on the posts from our trip home. Hope you are are doing well.
      Wendy & Grant

  8. Brenda

    Hey Wendy and Grant, great to follow all of your adventures. You guys are liv’n the dream yes? Safe travels and hello to you two from all of the TCC gang. Cindy was up here at Whistler visiting us for the weekend. We just got snow! Have a great time. Equador looks really interesting. Cheers Brenda and Bruce

    • Hii there! Yes, we are living the life! Ecuador and especially Quito has been great. Tomorrow we fly back to Managua and Grant heads to work Thursday. I’m coming home on the 28th for 2 weeks to move my Mom into a care home. Let me know if you will be in Van and maybe we could have a little visit. I’ll be super busy the 1st week but maybe the second week? CheersQ KW

  9. Sharon & Rick Reich

    Hi you two!! Glad you are finally getting away. Enjoy & keep in touch when you can. 😎🍷🍴🍺✈️

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