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A walk around the neighbourhood

I’ve been out walking the neighbourhood streets in the mornings. You just never know what you might see. It’s a loud quiet with birds, cows and the loud thump of coconuts falling. I’m a little afraid but not sure what I’m afraid of. I guess the thought of seeing a snake or scorpion or a pack of dogs. Dogs for the most part are busy sleeping and I barely get a bark from them. One little guy comes along and he seems so happy to have someone to hang out with. There are a few people that past by on mopeds and twice I’ve been asked or motioned to see if I need a ride. Most people are very friendly with the exception of some old men not happy that farangs are here. The people love to tend to their yards and gardens and there are some very nice homes. I wish I could take pictures of some of these people but I don’t want to offend them. Maybe at a later time the opportunity will arise. Cock fighting is big and there are several trainers in the neighbourhood. I’ve seen them training them in the yard and also bathing them like a pet. There are so many fruits and flowers and it’s all really cool. Here’s some photos.

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