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Out and about in Nakhon Si Thammarat

We are really starting to feel at home now in Nakhon. We met some great new friends and have been out exploring a bit. Grant get a flex day once a week so we have been out doing some day trips and I have been out on the days that I have a vehicle.

This week we drove about a hour and half away to the Pat Phanang Coast and Talumphuk Cape. The cape juts into the Gulf of Thailand and there are several villages and many shrimp farms. We had a terrific seafood lunch at a family restaurant on the edge of the shrimp farm.

On the way back we found at great market. I know that we go on about the markets but they are fascinating. You just don’t know what you will see and it is so different than Whole Foods or even Granville Island market at home.

market meat man meat on a stick pork manbanana

My friend Siew and I have been out many days going to Tha Sala and Sichon markets to buy food for dinner as we both are enjoying cooking here while the guys are at work. One day we went to a nearby nursery and I bought orchids.. Under $4 for 3 plants and the pot and the fellow even planted them for me. It looks great out on our deck.

I’ve had a lot of fun watching Sunday the little calf born next door. He’s 5 weeks today and yesterday I saw little hoof prints on our side of the fence. He’s quite the little unit and his mama is always calling out for his return.

Sunday Sunday 3 Sunday & dog

Tomorrow is Grant’s last day of work for another tour so we are looking forward to the 10 days off. Hanging around here for a few days and then off to Bangkok for 5 days. Stay tuned.

flex day is very flexible

flex day is very flexible

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