A Fantastic Week in Hong Kong

WOW! What an amazing week we have had in Hong Kong. We have been through the airport many times but this was the first time we ventured into the city. We rented a wonderful apartment in the SOHO district on Hong Kong Island. Literally 30 yards from our door are dozens of restaurants and bars. Of course we visited a few of them. Happy hours abound everywhere. We wandered the many streets looking for great glimpses of Hong Kong old and new. The new shopping malls and glitzy towers full of every conceivable brand shops you can imagine. Our favourites are the little alley-ways with market stalls and funky little shops that sell the greatest furniture and housewares. When we build a home, we will definitely need to come to HK for shopping to fill it. We even found my favourite Aviator leather chair from home that we bought from Restoration Hardware. Turns out this shop manufactures them for RH and ships them to the US. We rode the famous Star Ferry over to the Kowloon side. This ferry service started in 1888. It was awesome. Kowloon is nuts. Millions of people on the streets. Touts trying to sell you purses and watches etc. Definitely the tourist side. Don’t need to go back next time. We just love our little neighbourhood and will stay exactly where we are staying when we come back.

We also kept seeing these funny little metal carts everywhere we went. This huge city of nearly 8 million people and it seems everything is delivered or picked up on these little carts. They are as ubiquitous as the motor scooter is in Thailand. We are sure the entire city would grind to a halt if these were ever outlawed. You see everything imaginable delivered on them.

Hong Kong exceeded our expectations by a mile and will definitely be our destination of choice whenever we need a city-break. Lots of photos on this blog as we just couldn’t pare it down any further. Hope you enjoy and we are heading back to Thailand for another 20 days before our next adventure.


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5 thoughts on “A Fantastic Week in Hong Kong

  1. Cindy

    Hi! I can’t believe – well I guess I can, that you found your coveted chair. Well done!!

  2. Les & Jacquie

    Knew you guys would love HK island, being there at Christmas is probably even better. Wishing you both the very best for 2015, with love from L&J

  3. Andrea & Eric

    Way to go you guys! We are so, happy for you. It all looks amazing!! Thinking of ya both and wishing you more fabulous adventures for 2015. Miss you and look forward to your next update. Cheers from the whole gang.

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