Our first month in Thailand

After a week in Bangkok hanging out, Grant started his new job November 1st. Visa, work permit and medicals all completed we headed to Nakhon.

Now, we’re pretty much all settled into our new life and home. Grant worked his first 20 days and then on his 10 days off we got busy.

With a loaner car, we took a little road trip down to Songkla to visit our old friends Hin and Honey. We had a great seafood dinner out with them which is always a treat to have someone to do all the food ordering. It was fantastic. The next day we all went to Hat Yai to do some shopping. First, we went for dim sum. It’s different than home of course. The little baskets are piled up and you order what you want, find a table and then it keeps coming. No idea the name of the place but we put a pin in our google maps in hope of finding it again one day. 23 plates, more than we could eat plus drinks $18. Then we shopped like crazy and bought a toaster oven, induction burner, blender, electric BBQ and everything to go with it to cook at home.

Back in Thasala where we live, the next thing on the list is to get Thai drivers licenses and a vehicle. We decided on a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Zero percent financing. Why use our money when theirs is free. The people at the dealership were just lovely and it all went pretty smooth considering. It’s a little strange signing contracts that you can’t read one word of.  3 days later we picked up our new truck and for the remainder of Grant’s time off we were out and about all day every day. It’s awesome!

Our apartment is in the back of the complex and our view is the farm of a Thai family. There are tons of birds, cows and palm trees and I love it. One day I watched him take down coconuts by hand with a long stick. The next day he and his little boy gathered them up by poking them and tossing them into a cart. It’s all pretty rustic stuff. Each day he’s out there gathering up cow dung and moving the cows around to different areas of the field.




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4 thoughts on “Our first month in Thailand

  1. Love from L & J

    Sounds like you two are all settled and enjoying your new home, really happy for you and just a little envious. Please keep the pics coming.

  2. jeannine robinson

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time, hope you aren’t missing the rain and cooler temperatures too much like I’m missing you. Love you much and take care of yourselves, Mom xxxooo

  3. Linda Sherry

    Thanks so much for including us in your journeys – we have been doing a lot of travelling but sure can’t keep up to you! We are really enjoying all that you have shown us with your wonderful pictures. Have an exciting Christmas and may your New Year be filled with safe and happy adventures. Love you bunches!!! (Aunt) Linda & (Uncle) Bill

    • Thanks for your note! We haven’t been so good at keeping the blog up. We are heading to Hong Kong for a week for Christmas and are both really looking forward to that. There should be a story or 2 there. I hope you are both doing well. Please wish everyone a Merry Christmas from us. Love, W & G

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