Day 5 – Dakhla to Dakar

Day 5 and we depart Dakhla. Flying over the southern end of the Western Sahara (Morocco) and into Mauritania we are amazed at how little there is down there. It is very much like looking at a satellite photo from space. It’s really eerie. Along the way we were required to climb to 3500 feet because we were flying over National parks. There was absolutely nothing there but sand so it must be important sand. Solitary mud houses in the middle of nowhere. Can’t imagine how they live. As we entered Mauritania, we were 160 miles from the nearest airport. Kind of a weird feeling for sure. Luckily we have multiple satellite tracking devices onboard so if we ever had to put down, our company systems would notify assistance.

In northern Mauritania we fly over the unbelievable Banc d”Arguin National Park. Check out this link, it was amazing. On our way through Mauritania, we stop for fuel and a pee break in Nouakchott. Let’s just say not all pee stops are created equally. The picture says it all.

We spend the night in Dakar, Senegal. The former finish line of the Paris-Dakar Rally. We were so looking forward to our hotel. The Radisson Blue Dakar. The hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen. Unfortunately everything they did was a problem. Our reservations were screwed up, problems with the rooms we did get and then upon checkout, totally screwed up bills. It was a beautiful hotel but definitely room for improvement. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Day 5 – Dakhla to Dakar

  1. Sean Richardson

    Great shots g man. Pretty wild coastline.. Sand and sea .. Shanty towns look like district 9 ..

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