Day 1 – Scotland to Troyes, France

Well it has been a while since we have written for sure but alas, back to work and something to write about. After spending a few weeks in Aberdeen Scotland reassembling one of our helicopters after a paint job, it is time to ferry the aircraft down to its new base in Nigeria. And as luck would have it, Grant has been tasked with getting the aircraft there.

This will be a 7 day trip across Europe, down the Mediterranean Sea, a left turn at the rock of Gibraltar and down the west coast of Africa. Today was day 1 and we made our way from northern Scotland, down the east coast of Scotland and England, over the cliffs of Dover, across the channel and half way down France to Troyes. Attached are a few photos of the English and French countryside. I will endeavour to make a post each night of our progress but I am not sure what the internet will be like when we get into countries such as Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Ghana. Time will tell. Enjoy and looking forward to tomorrow night in Ibiza Spain.


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3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Scotland to Troyes, France

  1. Wow, what a trip, it’s gotta be amazing flying that low. What a treat, looking forward to the pics.

  2. Moore Don

    Nice trip for sure. I am confused though. What sort of craft are you using to move the helicopter?

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