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Loading up the helicopters and we are out of here……

Well it has been a fantastic 8 month job in Nicaragua and we will dearly miss this country and its people. It is now time to load up the equipment and 4 helicopters and ship them back to Vancouver.  After 2 months of building loads and getting everything through Nicaraguan customs, it was time to load it up. Panalpina flew in their new Boeing 747-8F and we began at 6am with the usual squad of dogs sniffing everything and finally, after far too many officials with plastic whistles and tin badges to count, we were given the all clear to begin loading. 8 hrs later, it was all loaded and the 747 took off for Alabama where all will be unloaded and trucked to Vancouver. We stood at the far end of the runway while the 747 waited at the other end, ready for take-off, for 45 mins while a Cessna 152 did 2 touch-and-go training circuits. You can’t imagine what that cost. The 747 burned enough fuel waiting for clearance to purchase 5 years worth of Cessna 152 fuel. A perfect example of Nicaragua airport efficiency. The runway at Managua is not equipped for a 747 and as you can see from the take-off photo, the outboard engines 1 and 4 extended over the edge of the runway and caused quite a dust storm which required to airport authority to inspect the runway before operations could continue. All in all it went well and we got all of our assets out of the country and ready for the next job. Here’s hoping we get back for the next contract. Thanks Nicaragua.

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