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Volcanoes, Coffee and Zip Lines……

Just when we thought we were finished in Nicaragua, shit happens again. Due to some scheduling changes, I was asked to return to complete the packing up of our base in Managua and ship the helicopters and equipment back to Vancouver. It was supposed to be 2 weeks so Wendy stayed back in Vancouver. By the time I arrived, my colleagues had most of the gear and aircraft packed. We spent 3 weeks completing the customs clearance process and the final packing and prepared all for the arrival of the 747-8F aircraft next week. After everything was ready, we decided to take a day and blow off some steam. My colleague and I took a car and drove down to  the Mombacho Volcano, the home of our favourite coffee Cafe las Flores about an hour south of Managua. The mill is real old school. 1 diesel engine runs all of the equipment with belts and wheels.

Now it was time for the zip line fun. The complex is built on the side of the volcano and includes 11 zip lines, a rope climb, a giant tree swing and ends in a 45 foot free-fall drop. All in 90 degree weather of course. It was awesome and we had a ton of fun. I highly recommend it if you visit Managua and Granada.

After our volcano adventure we headed down into Granada for lunch and a few beers. All in all a great day. We are really going to miss Nicaragua.

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