Hipica Masaya – everyone loves a parade!

I was very excited about riding in the horse parade in the nearby town of Masaya. Each city or town takes it’s turn to host the Hipica each Sunday. Not sure what to expect, I wasn’t disappointed. Luis and I arrived about 1 and the party was well under way. People and animals arrive in many different fashions. I’m not sure how they got this horse out of the truck backwards but they are creative.

pick up ride

pick up ride

trailer ride

trailer ride

Some arrived in style, but it doesn’t matter how you get there, everyone rides together. Big horses, little horses, steer with saddles on them, donkeys. They all show up for this important event.

arriving in style

We settled in under a tent in a field like parking lot and prepared for the ride with a few Tona’s. The best way I can describe it, is it’s like being at the infield at the rodeo. There is no better place to be. There were several people that spoke some english so that was really nice. The bands played loud and I was surprised that the horses weren’t really bothered by it. Good thing since the bands become part of the hectic parade. There are all sorts of vendors selling, beer, liquor, food, sombrero’s and other things.

one of the bands

Around 3 pm, Luis said it was time to head over to the horses. The guys had them all saddled up and ready for us.  We started out with the other hundreds of riders. It’s hard to ride a horse with a beer in your hand and take pictures too and I was a little struck by all that was going on. It’s awesome to see the cowboys and their dancing and prancing horses.

I did manage a few shots but I didn’t get even a small fraction of what I actually got to see. It was just fantastic.

Luis and me

my debonair host Luis

my debonair host Luis

loving it all

loving it all

P1020801 P1020808 P1020807 P1020805 P1020804 P1020811 P1020813 P1020814 P1020815 P1020823 P1020822 P1020820

I can’t wait for my next Hipica and I hope that Grant gets the opportunity to experience it! You too Vic!

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4 thoughts on “Hipica Masaya – everyone loves a parade!

  1. Looks awesome Wendy!

  2. Johann

    Amazing experiences = thanks for letting us all see and feel the cool adventure. xoxoxo

  3. Blodwyn

    you got to sit on one beautiful equine there Wendy!! Wow…so amazing…fun times…

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