off to the farm in Nicaragua

Horses are a big part of the culture in Nicaragua. You see them on the busy streets in Managua amongst the cars, trucks and buses pulling carts, carrying branch clippings or dirt. Or just with a rider going somewhere. On Sunday, I was invited to go to “the farm” and see the horses. The horses that we see here working daily all look like they have’t eaten a blade of grass in weeks. But then a while back, when we went to San Juan Del Sur, we saw beautiful fields of green grass with the same scrawny horses eating away. So, we came to the conclusion that was the breed of horses here. Boy were we wrong!

The farm, was about a 45 minute drive and we stopped for a quick snack at a little roadside restaurant so I could try a quesillo. It’s made with a tortilla wrapped around soft cheese (you can get a single or a double) and it has onions and sour cream. The cream is really runny so it is served in a plastic bag and it all mixes together. It’s pretty tasty and I managed to not get any on me which wasn’t easy.

We got the the farm and went out to the stables in the back. At first we just opened the stalls and looked at a few horses and they were beautiful and big. Each one was so friendly and had to be pushed in to close the door again.

Then we went out to the ring and the fellows brought out one horse to see and then this 7 month old colt.


7 months old

Then they brought out this beautiful brute of a horse with an amazing mane and tail. He is a purebred Andalusian or aka Pure Spanish Horse. They set him free into the ring to run and they had to keep chasing him with a plastic bottle with rocks in to make noise because he kept wanting to lay down and roll in the mud. It was pretty funny to watch.

the pretty one

The pretty boy is then taken back and out comes a beautiful white horse complete with saddle. I’m thinking shit, they might ask me to ride! Which they did and I was thrilled and a little afraid. These are real big horses but they seemed so gentle at the same time.

ist ride

Well I managed to stay on and I rode 3 different horses including the big black beauty. The horses are all professionally trained and some of them compete and some of them are champions. I can’t remember all the details (and my spanish sucks) but I felt very privileged to spend the day with my new friends. The goal of every traveler is to experience things like this and I am thankful.  Here are a bunch more photos of the day and you can see the horses dancing when the trainers ride them. I need more practise and hopefully my next post will show just that! Everyone loves a parade!

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2 thoughts on “off to the farm in Nicaragua

  1. Carolina

    Great shots Wendy, it looks like you had a great time! So happy for you, that you’re enjoying amazing things life has to offer, good for you! Who would’ve thought! 😉

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