The tour continues – Grand Forks, BC

The next stop on our road trip was to visit my brother and his wife. It was a long overdue visit and our first time to their beautiful place in Grand Forks. And there was a bonus since the oldest of our little nephews was there visiting too. It was really fun to see this little city boy enjoying the farm life.

Glennis got him to work right away and it turns out he can shovel shit as good as the rest of us.

Logan hard at work

Logan hard at work

a job well done

With the work done, it was time to enjoy the critters that created the work in the first place. Kip & Knobby are two of the friendliest horses I have ever met. They are almost like dogs. You just have to get near the fence and they come over. I’m sure it’s not because Glennis always has a pocketful of treats. Logan quickly caught on to this and the horses would follow him around their pasture.

The next event was to wash the road dust off our rental car. Logan is great with the hose and I’m not sure how Grant got soaked!

Now it was time to give Grandma Glennis a break and a nap so we took a drive to Christina Lake. Logan made friends fast. First with a young lady  floating on an air mattress and then he found a boy to row him around.

It was a nice couple of days. Dwight and Glennis’s place is like a park and we loved sitting out on the deck. I never realized how many times we said the word stupid until Logan busted us on it. Every time. You can say fucking stupid, but stupid is the “bad” word.

Farm work is never done so the next morning Dwight fired up the tractor to,,,, you guessed it,,,, move more shit. Logan was right in there learning how to drive.

Hopefully in years to come the other little units will have their turns at Grandma & Grandpa’s. A little farm is good for everyone.

Grandma Glennis & Logan

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One thought on “The tour continues – Grand Forks, BC

  1. Cindy

    Hi, what a lovely time on the farm – especially for your nephew and Grandma & Grandpa.

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