Our 2nd week in Luang Prabang

After the New Year celebration, we were happy to have the water throwing settle down. Although it was a blast, by day 4 we were worn out and tired of being soaked. When we left Vientiane, I was in the early stages of bronchitis which turned into full on sick after a few days in LP. Hot, humid and air conditioning are not my friends and I can’t get away from them here. But, with a little internet self diagnosis we went to a pharmacy and told them symptoms and what I needed and for $3 walked away with antibiotics and cough medicine.

We changed our hotel to the Pack Luck just to get a taste of a new location. There is a wine bar attached to our villa that plays great jazz music and is just nice to hang out at which of course is right up our alley! Across the street is one of the best restaurants in town called L’ Elephant. The restaurant delivers to the wine bar. What more could we want!

We rented a motor bike one day and went to the Elephant Village . It was an interesting and bumpy ride there and we are like 2 clowns on this tiny bike. We saw lots of how the locals live and some beautiful countryside. The Elephant Village was a little hard to find but with several u turns we found it. It’s great how they are rescuing some of the Elephants that have been neglected. They are way more gentle than we imagined and it’s hard not to be a little afraid of them just because of their size.

Our next few days were really quiet. Grant picked up a bug and was down for the count. I had a touch of it but think maybe the antibiotics helped keep it at bay. We had both taken Dukeral before we left home and it made us really sick then and now we have the travel sickness that it should have prevented. Never again for us. We stayed in our room in the a/c and watched a marathon 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. We’re pretty much hooked. Grant’s started called me his “old lady”. We laugh! Another trip to the pharmacy and another $3 and now we are both on antibiotics.

Today we are much better and we went on a new adventure, but that’s a whole new post!

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