New Year in Laos – Pi Mai Lao

Lao New Year celebration is a 3 day event that turns into 7. People are just too excited to wait until the 13th so they start throwing water days early. They will even chase you to throw water on you. They use any vessel that carries water and then to make it even more fun they colour it with food colouring – yellow, red, black and green. We bought water guns and it is so fun to spray everyone. It’s like being a kid again. The little ones are so cute and really fun to play with. They are ruthless at the same time. It’s also fun to spray the unsuspecting locals that don’t think the farang will get them. It’s pretty simple, if you’re out and about, you are fair game. Everyone is just soaked.

just trying to get down the street from our hotel

just trying to get down the street from our hotel

little warrior

little warrior

little warrior

little warrior










The Formula One race was playing at the Aussie Pub so we headed down there to watch it. We were completely soaked long before we arrived since it’s a good hike to get there. No worries tho, shops close that don’t want wet people. It was safe on the deck to watch the show go on and on so while Grant watched the race with the other folks I got a few good photos of the gong show. There was one policeman to start with and he couldn’t bring any order to the traffic so another one came and then another. As you can see they got soaked with everyone else. Kinda hard to take them too serious with blue on their face and drinking beer along with everyone else.


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