Food in SE Asia

Living in hotels 99% of the time means eating out for every meal. Neither of us is motivated by food in the morning so we rarely go for breakfast, even when it is included, which it is most of the time.

Sometimes we’ll go for a coffee and watch the world go by. There is usually free wifi so we will surf a bit. Then around 1 we’ll start to think about food. There are so many choices in Asia, especially with all the street food in addition to the low, medium and high end restaurants. We usually order a couple of things and share them. It always seems a bit weird bartering for the price of a meal so we do tend to go to restaurants more often. Not to mention the fact that we are not at all into bugs, sauce or no sauce.

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One thought on “Food in SE Asia

  1. Kenn & Sunny Cawker

    We are enjoying reading up on all your adventures and the “treats” of trying new “eats”. Not time to respond to each. Take care, from us

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