2 Weeks and 2 Countries in South-east Asia

Well it has been 3 weeks since we left Thailand and we have covered quite a bit of ground. We have been in Malaysia, Philippines and now Laos. Here is a recap of our adventures.

We spent 4 days in Penang Malaysia at the Lone Pines Resort and it was wonderful, as we described in our last post “A break in Penang.” After that we headed off to the Philippines to visit some friends in Subic Bay for a few days before we headed out on a 2 day voyage to Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro on their boat the MV Moken. We saw a lot of really neat things amongst which was an evening in a little bay on the way down where we bought some crabs from a local fisherman and his family that were retrieving their traps and nets near the boat. A great night eating fresh crab under a million stars. The feed certainly had the attention of Nukaat but unfortunately it was not on his diet. The next day, on to Puerto Galera for a few days of sun, swimming, diving and of courses a few cocktails. On the pier, there were these great little guy’s that would help you in any way they could for change. They kept us quite entertained but were never a bother. They would ask you to throw coins into the water and they would dive for them. It was great fun. One little guy couldn’t swim so you would just give him his coins. Then again, maybe he could swim but this way he didn’t have to get wet. After 12 days we started to get itchy feet so we said goodbye and headed into Manila for a night while we decided where to next.

On April 1st we flew to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days to get some “city” back into our systems. We spent a day wandering the city and finally took one of those “Hop-on/Hop-off” busses that we see in every city. It was great. An air-conditioned way to see the city and you can just get off when you want to see something up close and then 30 minutes later, another comes by and you just get back on. We were really impressed with KL. We had never gone into the city before. The city was so clean and modern and had everything you could imagine. It was really beautiful. We had a stop and a wander around Independence Square and Chinatown. We highly recommend KL for a few days anytime you are in the region. Of course a few beers along the way and then back to the hotel to catch an early morning flight to Vientiane Laos. More on that in the next post. Bye for now.



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6 thoughts on “2 Weeks and 2 Countries in South-east Asia

  1. Cynthia Burton

    Cool your email came through while I was reading your post on Twitter! xox

    From Cynthia On my iPhone 604 290-3745

  2. Nukaat says hi! Us to. Found some awesome showers and a floating spa at El Rio Y Mar!

  3. nice! got a change to visit the new palace and petaling street. 🙂 Even I haven’t even been.

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