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Wanna go to Thailand? Yes Please!

I can’t even call it plan b, c or d anymore. There we were with Grant doing his tour in Richmond. We were having a great time evenings and weekends visiting with family and friends. Our kinda plan was that when Grant finished his tour on March 1st we would head to Ecuador for 6 weeks. It was perfect, we could finish up and even get to go to Vancouver’s Wine Festival at the end of February which has turned into an annual event with our friends Lana and Sean.

Then on February 2nd, work asked Grant if he could go to Thailand and continue working on the project he was already working on. Are you kidding me – this was fantastic! We got our tickets the next day and left winter behind on February 13th. A wee bit of scrambling but we are already living out of backpacks. Quick trip to our storage locker to exchange jeans for shorts and we’re out of there!

We’re in Nakhon Si Thammarat about 600 km south of Bangkok. The base is at the airport of course and we’re staying in the compound about 40 minutes from there. Except that the commute is a little far, the place is great. Everyone staying here works at the base. I have no idea how many people because they are coming and going all the time. For the most part it seems deserted. It’s all good! Dinner including 5 beers the other night was $8. Love it!

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