How did we end up here?

Flexibility is key. I think we mentioned that in a previous post. It’s January and we’re in Canada. This was not really what we had in mind! We wanted to be living/working/traveling in Asia but it turns out we have the food but not the weather. Grant is working on a project locally at Boundary Bay for 8 weeks.

Richmond is a part of Metro Vancouver. I lived my first 9 years in Richmond. Yesterday Grant and I drove down our old street and our house is now gone. Even the ditches that we skated on and that we had so much fun fishing for tadpoles is gone.

Richmond has changed a lot since I first lived here. It has Canada’s highest population of immigrants (about 60%). 50% of it’s residents are Chinese. This of course brings us to the restaurants here. About 560 of them. The best Chinese food out of Hong Kong is here.

I’ve been following a blog for some time now called 365 Days of  Dining Richmond. Lindsay’s blog is great and I enjoy learning about all the different Asian foods. How ironic that we are now here and can experience some of these fantastic restaurants first hand.

987 Seabright Road

old house in richmond

1st day school

1st day school

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5 thoughts on “How did we end up here?

  1. Jikky

    So lets go to one those restaurants soon…..let us know ……and we’ll meet you…ox Jik

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Anthony

    Hi Grant and Wendy, not easy to follow your track! but I can see that after having experienced life on the mediteranean sea shores, you’re again in Canada for a few time. I wish you great stay there before jumping again above oceans…

    • Hi there! Nice to hear from you! With the 225’s down there is little work at this time. So, Grant is working on an office project. Hopefully next tour will get us to a base. We are planning to spend the next off time in Ecuador!

  3. Wish we could travel as much as you do! Maybe one day 🙂

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