A Day in Cefalu, Sicily

We took the train one day from Palermo to a beautiful little city about 40 minutes east called Cefalù. We have some longtime friends at home that travelled to Sicily many years ago and met a young man during that visit that showed them around and ensured they had a great time. They have spoken many times over the years of this experience and had kept in touch with this friend and when we decided that we were going to visit Sicily, our friends told us we just had to contact their friend in Cefalù. Well we sure are glad we did. Our new friends met us near the train station and gave us the royal tour of this picturesque town. We visited the Cathedral and had aperitif’s (Gin and Campari) in the square while we waited for what they said “was a respectable time for lunch.” One does not want to lunch too early in Sicily. This was about 1:30.


P1060403    P1060420







We saw this old laundry that dated back to the 1800’s where the water flows down from the mountain and a series of pools were built with angled stones which the women of the day would scrub the clothes on.











Then it was time for lunch and of course lunch starts with selecting the first bottle of wine. Lunch was fantastic  and included pasta with tuna and a beef filet cooked on a hot salt round. It was awesome. I have to get one of those. They super-heat it in the oven and then place the meat on it and bring it to your table. You just cut some off when it is cooked to your liking. We finished a great lunch with a beautiful Amarone. My favourite.








Afterwards we drove through the town and then our friends took us to a small village up in the mountains. It was also very beautiful as it was all lit up for Christmas. And it was the home of the absolute best canoli we have ever had. They even had these large nativity scenes make completely from chocolate.

P1060447 P1060449 P1060451





Needless to say that after the aperitif’s and the wine, Wendy and I had a little nap in the back of the car on the way there as well as the way home to Palermo. Unfortunately we were not able to see our friends again before we left Palermo but hopefully we can convince them to come to Vancouver in the summer (when we are home) to see our part of the world as we would love to show them. Thank you so much for your very generous hospitality.


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2 thoughts on “A Day in Cefalu, Sicily

  1. Les & Jacquie

    Well these old friends are sure glad you made it to Cefalù to let your new friend Beppe give you the grand tour. Obviously he hasn’t lost his touch in the hospitality department, what a great guy.

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