Mondello Sicily

Today (Dec 10th) we woke up early and walked over to our market to pick up tonights fixings for dinner and to have our now customary 2 cappuccinos  at the local cafe bar. Then after we brought our groceries home we headed over to one of the squares to catch a bus to a local beach about 30 minutes away. We always wonder how these things will go. Finding the bus ticket vendor, getting the correct tickets for our destination and then finding the correct bus stop etc. Sometimes we have been foiled but not  today. The other day we consulted our now daily best resource, Trip Advisor, and found lots of advice on which bus and where to best buy the tickets. It all went smoothly. With tix in hand we were off to the nearest bus-stop. After a fairly smooth, if not a little scary bus trip, we arrived in Mondello, a suburb of Palermo that is a little like White Rock back home. This is an area with a beautiful beach that was initially a fishing village but started to be developed as a beach destination for the residents of Palermo back a the end of the 19th century. This delightful little town is full of charming holiday homes of the then rich. We had a great walk in the sunshine and a wonderful lunch of spaghetti  vongale and spaghetti roma, our 2 favourites. Once the rain set in we decided it was time to return to Palermo and our apartment to wait it out as we usually do. A really nice day. Hope you enjoy the pix.


P1060327Mondello 5Mondello 8Mondello 4P1060326

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5 thoughts on “Mondello Sicily

  1. Nikki

    Beautiful pictures!!! Love Sicily. Have you done The Godfather tour?

  2. Hi Guys, This is a great way to see the world. We figured out how to access previous blogs. Stay healthy.
    Love, Sunny and kenn

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