Food and Drink…Marrakech Style

We love our food and drink as all of you know. While in Marrakech we have had some amazing food in some amazing places. From incredible Tagines of lamb and chicken to Couscous with vegetables and great little pastries that you buy on the street to incredible chocolate, so far we have not been disappointed. The best evening had to be Sunday when Ahmed and Soumia made us dinner at the Riad and we enjoyed it under the stars on our own terrace complete with Diana Krall and a fireplace courtesy of the iPad. We hope you enjoy the photos.

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2 thoughts on “Food and Drink…Marrakech Style

  1. Jackie Elie

    Amazing pictures you guys. You look like your having a great time. What an adventure.

    • Hi Jackie! Somehow this comment slipped past me. So dam busy you know! Internet is not the best over here although now in Italy it’s good. Hope to see you when we’re home and when you guys are back from Mexico. Love to you and Yehudi.

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