A Berber Barber

It was time for a haircut. One day during our wanderings through the souk (market) we decided that Grant needed a haircut. As we ventured down one of the many tiny alley’s we came upon a little shop and the nicest young man running it.

We love getting our hair cut in the various places that we travel because it is always a much different experience than at home. This took about an hour as he scissored and clippered away. The massage was the best part and before you ask Michael and Rudy, no. Then to finish it off, just as the news on the tv was reporting on the secular violence in the Middle-east, he pulled out a shiny new razor blade and proceeded to trim the final details perfectly. It was great. And only $6. And yes this picture is as good as it gets.

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4 thoughts on “A Berber Barber

  1. Les

    The cut really souks you Grant, shoulda added a little color though…..

  2. Dianne

    what an incredible journey you two are on – thanks for sharing it with us. I am so fortunate to know you. D

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