Marrakech…our first impressions

Well here we are in Marrakech. Wow, what an attack on the senses. We arrived about noon and checked in to our wonderful riad. Our hostess Vivienne is away in France and we were met by 2 of the loveliest people, Ahmed and Soumia. We believe they are the caretakers of the riad. They are just wonderful. We are the only ones staying for now. A Japanese couple are due to arrive in a few days. The riad roof-top terrace is our favourite place and a great respite from the busy medina outside the front door. We will be spending much of our time relaxing here. It is gorgeous and sunny and plenty of shade with cool breezes. Soumia brings us fantastic mint tea and it is so relaxing. And the wifi works great from here also.

Plus there are 2 resident trouble-makers, Vanille and Gizmo.

In the afternoon of our first day we went for a walk into the surrounding area. The narrow little streets and pathways are just full of shops and stalls and everyone trying to sell you something. Not quite as aggressive as we expected but full on just the same. Later in the afternoon we went in search of a place for dinner. The Tagines are unbelievably delicious.

Most of the restaurants have roof-top terraces where you can sit and have a drink and watch the sun set over the city. The minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque dominates the skyline and you can see it from everywhere in the medina. This makes it a good landmark for when you emerge from the market streets and have no idea which way you are facing. It looks amazing during sunsets. 5 times a day the call to prayer is sounded over the loud-speakers of the many mosques in the area. It is quite a sound as each mosque seems to have a different call and they are not synchronized of course so they seem to be competing to be heard. It’s great. We will venture out into the market today for some photos.

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11 thoughts on “Marrakech…our first impressions

  1. Wow. The riad looks amazing. Can’t wait to see what’s next up!!!

  2. Geez, you guys are living the good life! KeeP the great pics and stories coming describing your adventures!


  3. Johann

    WOW fantastic photos – I love your hotel and the cats — too cute. Sorry V did not give you her list of things to do… the only advice I have is to watch out for aggressive sellers who want to take you down the alley to an amazing deal – of course you know that but they are on a mission. Soak it in, it is truly amazing, and the train travel is really lovely, great way to see the countryside. KEEP UP THE PHOTOS, we appreciate living thru your adventure!! Love to you both. xo

  4. Cathy

    How exciting Wend, love the pics and seeing where and what you two have been up to….
    Take care, be safe….love to you both xo

    • Hi Cathy, yup it’s pretty crazy here and we love the different culture. Hope all is well with you and Daryl. How’s the pup? Not so little anymore I guess!

  5. HI! I miss you guys. I showed this post to the gang in Cuvee and encouraged them to sign up.
    Another day another scandal with our firm on the front page of the Globe & Mail AGAIN and that dreadful footage of me on Global TV — I can’t wait to get out of here….wish I was you!!!

  6. Marion Van Keken

    The ‘Night Market’ will surely rouse your senses even more.

    I found it scary had it not been for being with someone from Morocco to explain some of the goings-on.


  7. Michael Hagel

    Fantastic adventure. Looking forward to skyping so i can see the view for myself. Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th. Logan is making his welcome home sign, and Brax has no clue…..but is growing more every day…..he says hello now.

    Love you both.

    M an T

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