Helicopter Shipping Day

FInally shipping day for our 3 retired S76B helicopters was upon us. After a few days of preparing the aircraft, the trucks showed up in the early morning of Oct. 25th in Den Helder.

After getting all of the equipment into place, it was time to carefully load the aircraft onto the trucks.

Safely loaded and ready for the trip to Brugge, Belgium.

The drive took the trucks 6 hours as they had to take a specific route due to the height of the aircraft. The drive took us 5 hrs. Wendy really needed that after a 20 hour journey from Canada but at least she could sleep.

Finally we arrived at the port in Zeebrugge, Belgium at about 5pm. The port or seaside of a city in this part of Europe is called Zee (sea) before the city name so the seaside of Brugge is Zeebrugge. Who knew? So after some security checks, we were in and ready to offload the aircraft.

We even had a Supervisor over-seeing that all went well……

Finally after about 2 hours, all 3 were safely tucked away until we return next weekend to tow them onto a huge freighter.

So now we will spend the weekend in Brugge before driving back to Den Helder on Sunday. Below are a few photos of our wanderings in Brugge (or Bruges) in Belgium. Truly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

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8 thoughts on “Helicopter Shipping Day

  1. Dianne

    absolutely awesome

  2. Cathy

    The city looks gorgeous Wend! xo

  3. Blodwyn

    Yep, you really are an awesome supervisor Wendy
    !! Hope you had a great anniversary!

  4. What a cool experience for your first trip together on this stint of your glove adventure…who knew you’d be in Zeebruge xoxoxoxoxo

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