Flexibility is key!

Well they say “Flexibility and an open mind is the key to happiness.” There must be something to it. The past few weeks has been a challenge to say the least especially for my more than patient wife. But things are looking up. It seems my 2 week stint here in Den Helder, Netherlands has been extended to 6 weeks for too many reasons to list here. But the bright side is………and there is always a bright side………when I am done on Nov 16th I will be eligible for our 6 weeks off so next week my honey is coming to Holland (her first time) and then we are driving down to Bruges, Belgium to load 3 aircraft onto a ship. This will take e 4-5 days so Wendy will be exploring one of Europe’s most beautiful cities during the day and waiting for me to come home from work. Well sort of work 🙂 After a few days we will drive back to Den Helder for 2 weeks so I can finish dis-assembling 2 more aircraft that CHC is removing from service. After that comes the best part….TIME OFF.

We will head down to Spain for 5 weeks. We have never been there and are really excited about it. I think we will start in Barcelona and then explore the coast through Valencia and down to Gibraltar and then hopefully head over to Morocco for a week or so. I have always wanted to go to Morocco. We plan to be back to Vancouver Dec 24th so we can visit family for Christmas and wait for my next assignment.

Stay tuned for more on our adventures. We will post pictures and news as we go along. Bye for now.

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