Off to the Netherlands!

Coal Harbour in October

Well it has been an interesting few weeks. In the past 3 weeks, we have been scheduled and ticketed to go back to Malaysia 2 times, cancelled 2 times, booked to Mexico 2 times and cancelled 2 times. At least it made us pack up our condo and are now completely ready to move out. It appears Grant’s services are not required back in Malaysia for a while so after 6 weeks off, today he is headed to Den Helder, Netherlands for a couple of weeks to dis-assemble 3 S76 aircraft and load them onto a ship for transit to Vancouver. Wendy will stay home and continue to live in our home. It is kind of like living in a hotel that looks exactly like our condo (because it is). We have had a great time off back home. We spent a wonderful week with Rudy and Johann on their boat in Howe Sound, a fantastic weekend with Lance and Elizabeth at their incredible home in Manning Park and visited like crazy everyone we know. Well that’s about it for now. Sorry we have not been updating our blog as we should. Just too busy having fun I guess.Bye for now.

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One thought on “Off to the Netherlands!

  1. Dianne

    The way it is, is the way it is – have a great trip Grant; have a great time at home Wendy – do you fill some of your time with Zumba? I hope the Vancouver weather keeps your spirits up and you can go out and enjoy the great Vancouver outdoors. Love to you both. D

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