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Den Helder

For some reason, I’m not all that interested in a new place until I get to see it. The Netherlands, with 50% of it’s land laying less than one metre above sea level is flat,¬†and windy. Den Helder is in the province of North Holland and this is where the country’s main navel base is. It’s a municipality and a city.

The hotel where we’re staying is in the downtown area with shops and restaurants and pedestrian only streets.

I haven’t had one yet, but this roll away shop has many different kinds of stuffed oliebollen (doughnuts) .

I walked around some of the neighbourhoods and they have these cute apartments. You can look right in and most are decorated really nice. They also decorate their front windows (maybe so it’s harder to see in).

This little fellow was having a peek outside.

Of course McDonalds is here. They serve deep fried prawns and beer.

McDonalds Den Helder

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