Streets of Aix

Cobblestone pedestrian streets remind me of Gastown only a much larger scale. Cours Mirabeau is lined down one side with restaurants and the other side shops. Today there was a huge market down the shop side. Yesterday I went into Sephora to buy a nail polish. OPI was $22 compared to $9 at home. Today at the market I bought a polish for $2. I’m seeing some bargins. Some things are so expensive and others not. A baguette can be 40 cents. A pint of beer $5. We bought a beautiful wine opener last night at a awesome little shop for about $16.

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2 thoughts on “Streets of Aix

  1. Russell

    Wow it is almost like we are there! GREAT to hear and see live updates. Have a GREAT time. sounds like Grant is aceing his tests – WOW. Miss u, Russell, Brandy and of course the big dawg. it is going to Rain for 8 days straight…. xoxox

  2. wayne

    Looks like a nice place you are visiting. 1:30 Sunday here, visiting mom at the hospital. No indications as to how long she will be in here.

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